White gold ring with diamond cross

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18k white gold ring with brilliant-cut diamond cross This piece is part of the Aristofun collection.


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The Diamonds collection is our collection of fine jewelry. All of the pieces in the collection are mounted in 18 carat Gold with superior Diamonds.

It is a non-seasonal collection which does not go out of fashion.

It is sophisticated, elegant and classic. The perfect gift for the perfect occasion.

There are various sub-collection in the Diamond Collection: Basics, Excessive Diamonds, Fusion Diamonds and Luxe Diamonds. All of these are comprised of pieces which were conceived under the processes of artisanal craftsmanship which are a characteristic of Aristocrazy. The “savoir-faire” of our artisans means that they were able to create each and every one of these collections.


Aristocrazy belongs to a jewelry tradition which has built-up since 1943 a recognized prestige in the purchase of diamonds.

The diamonds in our collection have been meticulously selected one-by-one by our expert gemologists to meet the quality standards of Aristocrazy.

Un Diamante es una joya única. Por ello en Aristocrazy van siempre acompañados de un estuche especial: una caja de madera negra lacada con interiores de terciopelo, que resaltan la luz y el reflejo de los Diamantes.


The size of a diamond is usually chosen based on the original shape of the Stone, its dimensions and its inclusions. The proportions of a diamond affect its behavior in the light, which in turn affects its beauty and overall attractiveness.

The finely proportioned diamonds with symmetry and polish optimize their interaction with light and have a greater luster.

The size of the Aristocrazy diamonds is always Excellent or Very Good.


The majority of diamonds which are used in jewelry are almost colorless, or have faint yellow or brown tints. The grade of each diamond is determined by comparing it with an established standard.

The color of the Aristocrazy diamonds is always between D and H.


Because diamonds are formed under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, it is rare to find a diamond which does not have an inclusion whether internally or externally.

The purity defines the capacity of the light to shine through a Stone without any type of impediment or obstacle.

The purity of Aristocrazy diamonds is always between VS1 and VS2.


Carats are a standard measurement unit to compute the mass of precious stones, including diamonds. A carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. In the case of diamonds of less than a carat, each carat is subdivided into 100 points, like cents in a dollar (0.75 ct. = 75 points. ½ ct. = 50 points).

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