Snake open ring in sterling silver

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Snake open ring in rhodium-plated sterling silver. Savage collecion


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Know the history of this collection


This is the collection that probably most represents Aristocrazy. Inspired by nature and the animal world, the protagonists in this collection are the snakes, eagles and crocodiles.

The Aristocrazy snake is definitely our most iconic piece. It is the first creature that gave shape to our emblematic collection, Savage, in 2010.

The first snake rings from this collection belong to the Suarez family who entrusted their original designs to us at the launch of Aristocrazy.

From this legacy came the snake bracelet, a piece that embodies our greatest and most valued asset, the detailed work of our craftsman, the wax sculptor.

Our snake bangle design began with a sketch, hand drawn by one of our designers. Once the proportions were defined, a detailed illustration of the bangle was produced, with its vast quantity of snake scales, for our sculptor to later model.

Snakes, crocodiles and eagles make up our signature collection, Savage.

Once the design of the piece is finalised, work starts on the wax modeling. In our workshop, our sculptor meticulously models the piece, down to every detail. Once the wax is finished it is cast in silver so that we have the original version in metal.

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