Know the history of this collection


This collection is inspired by the Nordic coastlines and its pure marine air. We refer to the texture of the ropes, transforming the detailed strands of the headlands into classic jewelry pendants.

In this way we manage to combine the marine look of the ropes with the jewelry sophistication, converting the coarsest strands into delicate braids of gold.

This is a modest collection with its own identity.

The braids are entwined in pieces such as rings, bracelets and earrings.

The design starts with the sketches , where we not only amplify the volume of the pieces, but we also exhibit the details of the braids.

The texture of the braids is worked by an artisan into classic pieces of jewelry.

The pieces are molded by hands and crafted by traditional techniques: Molding the gold by the lost wax technique.

The pieces are made of rhodium Sterling Silver plated with 18 carat yellow gold.

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