When you acquire an Aristocrazy Diamond, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing it was chosen in international diamond markets in keeping with the highest quality standards. Aristocrazy’s team of gemologists rigorously examines each stone to choose only those with the best color, proportion, clarity, and polish.

Aristocrazy uses only colorless or nearly colorless diamonds ranging from D to H in the GIA color grading scale, with clarity ranging from VS to SI1, and proportions which enhance their beauty, rated always as very good or excellent.

The Four “Cs” of a Diamond.

The four criteria by which diamonds are evaluated.


A carat is a precise unit of measurement used to weigh diamonds. One carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams.


The quality of a diamond’s cut is determined by its proportions. The better proportioned the diamond, the more light it will reflect and the greater its brilliance.


Internal imperfections in a diamond are called “inclusions.” The presence or absence of inclusions determines the diamond’s clarity, and thus its value. The size and position of inclusions also influence the diamond’s clarity rating.


Diamonds range from colorless to slightly tinted. Color is key to a diamond’s value. The more colorless the diamond, the higher its value. The GIA color grading scale ranges from D (total absence of color, exceptionally clear) to Z (tinted).

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