Art Decó design ring in silver/pink gold. JCode collection

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Art Decó design ring in 18 kts pink gold plated sterling silver.JCode collection


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Ref. J01813-03


Know the history of this collection


This collection is inspired by the Art Deco movement, the most influencial style in jewellery design to date.

Using the Art Deco style with a contemporary approach has led to the creation of a range of minimalist pieces of jewellery, reminiscent of the glamourous, roaring 1920s.

Geometric shapes are at the core of this collection, serving as the first point of reference in the search for elegant, cutting edge designs.

It is a more minimalist and sophisticated reinterpretation of the Art Deco style.

By applying innovative methods, the pieces in the J-Code collection are all digitally modeled. They are then produced using the lost wax casting technique.

The jewellery in this collection are made of rhodium and 18ct rose gold plated sterling silver, some of which have a mesh support. The mesh is made by intertwining fine wires. Incorporating it into our designs provides more flexibility to the piece, allows more play with metal finishes and adds a modern touch to the jewellery.

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